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Bewater Abundance – Insert

The inserts contains Citrine healing crystals which are known to bring a sense of energy.  Citrine also helps to sharpen...

Bewater Awareness – Insert

The inserts contains Sodalite healing crystals which have a deep blue colour, associating itself with water and reminding us to...

Bewater Balance – Insert

This particular insert contains amazonite healing crystals known for their detoxifying properties and protects against electromagnetic pollution. Its also helps to open...

Bewater Clarity – Insert

Amethyst healing crystals are associated with awareness, a sense of justice and inner peace. They have a strong energy and on...

Bewater Compassion – Insert

This insert contains the deep colour of Lapis Lazuli which embodies self-awareness, compassion and peace, but also contains Aura Quartz...

Bewater Courage – Insert

Carnelian is associated primarily with courage. and is also said to open your social bonds creating the will to help...

Bewater Elements – Insert

This combination of healing crystals is very powerful - Ocean Agate is the stone of plentitude, bringing abundance and fullness to...

Bewater Fresh – Insert

Peridot is a powerful cleanser.  It helps to release and neutralise toxins making this a great crystal to have inside...

Bewater Glow – Insert

This combination of healing crystals is very powerful - Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, bringing compassion and peace. Amethyst...

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