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For those interested, this is what we are doing at the Hub

Please take a few minutes to read the following statement - thank you.

Updated 30th Aug 2021:

The governing bodies have implemented a few changes in the way that Wellness Centres operate and we are 100% compliant and in many cases, exceed the guideline standards they set.

The main changes are:

  • New signage at the Hub, non-contact hand sanitisers and sanitising gel in all rooms. 30 minute cleaning regime between clients, air purifiers, 2 new high-capacity ventilators fitted, UV (Ultra Violet) mobile sterilising unit and two 'misting' units.

  • Use of DEW Disinfectants using Electrolysed Water throughout the Hub. (read more about DEW HERE)

  • Inside waiting areas removed and we have built a new Pergola at the front door in case you do arrive early and its dreecht.

  • Aberdeen Bowen has new timings and information can be found HERE

  • Urban Wellness Float also has new timings and a new regime which helps us manage multiple people in the Hub at any one time. Clients will not meet other clients whilst visiting us.

  • For more about Urban Wellness Float click HERE


All of our Therapists and Practitioners who use the Hub undertake their own Risk Assessment as laid out by their respective governing bodies.

Urban Wellness Hub carried out several Risk Assessments that address room hire or Studio hire, plus clients visiting for Float Therapy. 

We are 100% confident we have one of the most intensive and effective cleaning and sanitisation regimes in Wellness Centre's in the UK.

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