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Linda Ross

A registered nurse by background, and mother to three girls, Linda has always been in the area of nurturing and caring for people.

Training in Aromatherapy in 1995 while the kids were still growing up (and still nursing), Linda found a love of holistic healthcare. Since then she has trained in a number of modalities, and specialised in areas, such as hormonal and fertility bowen, TMJ Dysfunction, and built her reputation with many healthcare professionals.

Linda likes to make her treatments bespoke to the client, and will sometimes bring a number of modalities into the mix to get the best outcome for what the client presents with at the time of treatment (after discussing this with them)

This lady/mum, and kind hearted soul, always strives to help people, and can also be found working with Emma (outside the hub) with the Charity 5Rs project in Sue Ryder (working with those with MS and strokes)

email: info@aberdeenbowen.co.uk

Mobile: Emma 07817 473222

Mobile: Linda: 07980 610729

Website: www.aberdeenbowen.co.uk

Facebook: @aberdeenbowen


  • RGN – nursing 1975-2016
  • Clinical Aromatherapy diploma 1989
  • Indian Head massage 2011
  • Sekhem energy to advanced level certification
  • Angel therapy level 1 and 2
  • Crystal therapy level 1
  • Reflexology diploma 2010 to ABC level 3 , with TCM
  • Metamorphic Technique
  • Bowen Therapy  diploma to advanced module 11
  • Sports Bowen certified
  • Art of Bowen course with Alistair Macloughlin
  • Hormonal Bowen certified with Ron Phelan
  • Bowen TMJ workshops and diploma with Ron Phelan
  • Bowen symmetry workshop Graham Pennington
  • Reflexology Master Class – Digestion (Jacq Munro)
  • Reflexology Master Class – Lymphatic (Jacq Munro)

Emma Ross

Emma is a massive advocate of all things related to wellness, but also believes in everyone finding their “balance” in different ways.

Getting into the therapy and holistic side of things became really important after picking up a number of injuries herself during her sports and living a high-paced lifestyle.

Looking into the root cause of why someone is having an issue is what makes Emma tick, she continuously takes on professional development in all areas (personally and professionally) and after training in therapy based modalities she went on to train in yoga and yoga sports science to further understand functional movement in the body.

Having a sporting background herself (at an elite level) Emma enjoys work-ing with athletes (at all levels), and also is into emotional wellness in a big way…….so one minute you will find her running a high energy hot yoga class, and the next chilling out a class with essential oils, slow fascia re-lease movement …..and we wouldn’t have her any other way :0)

email: info@aberdeenbowen.co.uk

Mobile: Emma 07817 473222

Mobile: Linda: 07980 610729

Website: www.aberdeenbowen.co.uk

Facebook @aberdeenbowen

  • 2001 BA (Hons) Public Policy & Management – RGU, Aberdeen
  • 2013 BTAA Bowen Therapist – Bowtech UK
  • 2013 Anatomy & Physiology Diploma – Level 3 – Stonebridge College
  • 2014 200Hr+ Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training – HPY London
  • (2017 ) Accelerator Business Programme (Cohort 5) – Elevator, Aberdeen
  • (2015 – Present )Trainee Yoga Sports Science Coach (200Hr, 300Hr completed) (500Hr ongoing)
  • (2014 – Present ) Numerous CPD Yoga teacher days/weekend courses and self-development. Training with world-class coaches; Noah Maze, Sadie Nardini, Taylor Harkness, Ana Forrest
  • (2014-Present) HPY Mentorship Programme
  • (2016) Myo Facial Release Training Level 1 & 2 — MFR UK
  • (2015) Minime Children Yoga Certified Workshop – Minime UK
  • (2016) Raindrop Technique (Essential Oils & Massage)
  • (2016) Releasing Conscousness Bars – Access Level Certified
  • Sports Bowen 1 – ECBS Course (2017) & Bowtech Course (2016)
  • TMJ – Foundation and Advanced
  • Specialised Bowen Procedures 1 and 2 (use of Advanced Practitioner beside our name)
  • Hormonal Balance
  • First Aid (Incl Defibulator training)
  • (2013) CrossFit Coach – Level 1
  • (2013) CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer Course
  • Qualified Children’s Rugby Coach – Level 1
  • Touch Rugby Coach – Level 1
  • I.T. Touch Rugby Referee – Level 2
  • (2015) Kinesiology Taping Course FMT1 – RockTape UK
  • Angel Healing – Level 1
  • Jog Scotland Coach – Jog Scotland

Fiona Ross

Welcome, my name is Fiona Ross and my life passion is shared through my two online groups, True Tribe North & essentially EMMETT.

With a background in Psychology and Counselling, I am passionate about supporting people to Live their Life in the present moment, to experience their Life to the full!

It excites me to see people grow, and to recognise their own strength – seeing the hidden blessings and learnings in their experiences to become more of who they already are!

I recognise the potential in every one I meet, and when people are ready to show up for themselves and take responsibility for their happiness there is opportunity for a true shift and transformation to take place!

My personal development journey began nearly 15 years ago when I started learn about energy healing, and practising meditation. I continue to Love and deepen my practise of self-compassion through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to nurture myself.  I Love spending time with my family & friends, and fur family too.

I lead from the heart and Live my Life authentically.

I share my passion for empowerment through working with Angels and guides to support those I align with, by holding the space and creating an environment to allow them to relax to see the beauty in who they are, and focus on their natural gifts as they align to their true self.

My passion for empowerment also extends to animals too, supporting Horses and Dogs and their human companions with EMMETT Technique and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Shine your Light. Lead with Love. Fi

Unicorn whisperer, Angel, Nature, and Crystal Lover

email: fiona@urbanwellnesshub.co.uk

Mobile: 07546 930983

Facebook @truetribenorth

Facebook @essentiallyEMMETT

  • Bowen Therapist

  • EMMETT Level 5 Animal Practitioner (Canines) & Equines Practitioner Status in Q3 2018

  • Angel Healing Teacher and Angel Healing Practitioner

    Angel Card Readings

  • Atlantean Crystal Healing™ Practitioner

  • Access Bars®

  • Sekhem Energy

  • Hopi Ear Candling & Indian Head Massage

  • doTERRA Wellness Advocate

  • Crystal Expert at UWH

Jayne Addie

Jayne also works with us on a part time basis within the Urban Wellness Hub.

Jayne offers Access Bars® and is a qualified practitioner.  Access Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects  of their lives

Also, Jayne offers Swedish Massage and Reflexology. Jayne is another smiley and very conscientious practitioner we love to have at the hub offering treatments.

Jayne is a keen and highly passionate runner and when not at work, or down at the Hub, she is probably running another Marathon somewhere !

Mobile: 07917570461

Facebook @adebodyworks

email: jayneade52963@gmail.com

  • Access Bars®

  • Reflexology

  • Swedish Massage

Gaelle Conjuad

Hello, I’m Gaelle, I’m the French one of the team 😉 

I’m a Reiki healer, a 3rd year Shiatsu student at Aberdeen School of Shi-atsu, a Member of the Shiatsu Society UK and will be graduated at the end of 2018.

I came to Shiatsu as a guinea pig for one of the student in 2010 and knew then that I’d be learning Shiatsu. They say (well, Budha from some sources) that “When the student is ready, the Master appears” and I start-ed my journey of learning in 2015. 

I have worked with a lot of different people, hold a week day clinic in Stonehaven, do home visits, and now part of the Urban Wellness Hub team; I also worked with the SKI,
Karate Club on Hilton Street. 

I’m the mother of 2 wonderful children, I’m passionate, love learning new things, enjoy cooking anything that I have never tried, love nature and growing nasturtium, yoga, been a semi-professional dancer in my youth and love dancing.

My favorite quote is
“Lets meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love”
Mother Teresa.
I can be contacted on 07780591617

Facebook: @GaWellHolisticTherapies


  • Shiatsu

  • Qi Gong

  • Cupping
  • Moxibustion


Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic body work using soothing, stretching, tapping, kneading techniques. In Japanese, Shiatsu means “finger pressure”.

The fundamental concept of Chinese medicine is Ki (pronounced chi, energy flowing freely in the body).

Ki flows in specific pathways called meridians. The shiatsu practitioner “assess the flow of Ki” and facilitate its fluidity in order to maintain wellbe-ing.

In the case where the client’s energy is low or deficient, the practitioner uses specific techniques to enhance and vitalize the KI.

When the client is over-stressed, anxious, the practitioner employs techniques to disperse the “excess “energy.

Shiatsu works to alleviate conditions, restore balance and promote health.

Shiatsu works on physical, emotional and mental levels and can link symptoms that otherwise seem unrelated.

Julia Simpson

“My name is Julia, I offer Swedish massage at the Urban Wellness Hub.

I am passionate about helping clients to de-stress and make them feel good within themselves.

Swedish massage is the manipulation of the body’s muscles and soft tissues which delivers many health benefits, such as; promotes relaxation, improves circulation, boosts immune system, improves excretion of toxins, relieves pain and tension in muscles and many more besides.

I am always keen to learn new skills and am looking forward to achieving accreditation  for Indian Head massage and Hot Stone massage.

If you are interested in an appointment with me at the hub or have any questions, please get in touch.”

Mobile: 07568 367658

Facebook @juliasimpsonmassage

  • Swedish Massage
  • Swedish – Deep Tissue
  • Hot Stone Massage

Kayleigh-Anne Walker

I am a mum to two babies, personal trainer and massage therapist. I have a keen interest in working with women during pregnancy and the postnatal period and have specialised my training to work specifically with this group, adding a midwifery degree along the way! I have studied extensively in the field of pregnancy and postnatal yoga, and have a designed a specific rehab programme for rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and core muscles.

Now working part time as a midwife, part time as a fitness instructor and massage therapist, I take my Aqua Therm massage treatment to The Urban Wellness Hub. This luxurious massage treatment is done on a heated water bed with the client laying semi recumbent. Far more relaxing than a side laying or seated pregnancy massage! The water bed ensure the extra weight of the body is comforted and weightless, whilst the warmth allows for relaxation of aching muscles and joints. This treatment is safe for all trimesters of pregnancy.

My pregnancy yoga class is a collaboration of many courses, with the most effective practices put together to design a class that is actively challenging, but with elements of relaxation and connection time with baby.  This class is suitable for all trimesters and levels of yoga experience. Pregnancy is a time to stay as active as your body allows  to reduce pain and common pregnancy ailments, often  induced by lack of mobilisation.

Massage booking are made through myself by contacting my email on:kayleighannewalker@hotmail.co.uk

  • Aqua Therm massage

  • Fitness Instructor
  • Midwife

Susan Birnie

Susan is delighted to be joining the team at Wellness Hub working as a part time therapist. Offering Baby Refloxology, Reflexology and Sleep Counselling.

With a background in nursing and over thirty years experience as a registered nurse specialising in children and families which took her on an amazing journey to Perth, Australia. Susan worked for a parenting organisation as a child health facilitator working with families in the city and remote aboriginal communities offering support to parents with issues such as sleep, challenging behaviours and readiness for school.

This knowledge and experience is invaluable in her role as a Reflexologist where Susan has specialised in Baby Reflexology for tiny toes to assist with sleep and settling, feeding and digestion and well being.

Susan is also a practising foot reader, yes she can tell your personality through your feet! Solestry or the art of foot reading is observing the structure and texture of the feet to reveal personality and emotional traits. Susan enjoys reading babies little feet as well as big people!

Susan is a trained Infant Massage Instructor affiliated to the International Association of Infant Massage and can offer classes or 1:1sessions for parents, grandparents and carers.

Susan has been known as “the baby whisperer,” she has a natural nurturing and warm presence which will put you at ease. Through discussion Susan can tailor treatment plans for you and your families needs.These sessions can be offered in a private appointment or as part of a group session.

In her spare time she enjoys taking things easy and practising Qui-Gong and meditation and especially spending time with her family and her grandchild,

  • Baby Reflexologist
  • Sleep Counsellor
  • Infant Massage Trainer
  • Reflexologist
  • Visual Reflexologist
  • Foot Reader
  • Positive Parenting Programmes
  • Registered General Nurse
  • BA Community Nursing

Ruth Natanson

Originally training as a scientist, I have had an interest in aromatherapy, energy work, and herbal medicine for over 25 years.

Initially pursuing a career in the oil & gas industry, then latterly a strategic director of a social care organisation. I have experience of supporting people with mental health illness, learning disabilities, substance misuse issues, and those living with dementia.


On my own journey I came back to therapies due to increasing stress levels and my complete inability to achieve a healthy work/ life balance, in addition to some personal losses and trauma.

People have described me as a very intuitive therapist, and I am certainly compassionate and can show empathy. I like to draw on my experience of all healing modalities (including meditation and yoga) to tailor treatments to meet the individuals’ needs.

After much of my own personal development, I am passionate about supporting people to live as happy and fulfilling a life as possible.

email: info@energise-therapies.co.uk

Mobile: 077363 54183

Website: www.energise-therapies.co.uk

Facebook @ruthenergisetherapies

  • Aromatherapy
  • Counselling Skills

  • Animal Communication

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Hopi Ear Candling

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage & Treatment

  • Reflexology

  • Reiki

  • Reiki Training & Attunement

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Karuna® Reik

  • Readings

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