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The Urban Wellness Hub is a family run business, and is situated in the Bridge of Don. It is also a little unique as it involves mum Linda Ross and her daughters, all of whom are practitioners, trainers or instructors in their own specialist fields.

Urban Wellness Hub aims to become a leading health and wellness space where a broad-range of Therapies & Treatments (some not mainstream) which meets Yoga, and other forms of functional movement classes.

In addition, we have started to bring a wider range of training and new instructors to Aberdeen, and are looking to give people options on how to approach their health and wellbeing, especially since the modern lifestyle is changing so much……pro-active health care is so important.


Urban Wellness Hub also host regular Wellness Workshops, Masterclasses and Courses to inspire, educate & inform, and if there is something you would like to see on the events schedule, please let us know – if we can make it happen, we will.


As well as providing therapies and treatments, yoga and a range of educational, wellbeing, leisure and relaxation workshops, the Urban Wellness Hub also offers opportunities to hire space to visiting instructors, as well as local hires. We have a fully fitted kitchen and 120” projector screen, a large private garden and wooded area, making it ideal to hire for photo-shoots, business offsite meetings and networking events.

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