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Bowen is the “new kid on the block” in the world of complimentary therapies. This is down to the original Bowen practitioner Tom Bowen only teaching a selected few of his 'moves'. After Tom died (Australia, 1982) "Tom's boys" then took it upon themselves to spread the wonderful therapy that is Bowen. It is now growing in popularity worldwide due to the gentle nature of the treatment, and some of the consistently great results clients are reporting.

Bowen has the potential to create change in the body without manipulation, cracking of bones, or application of oils. As a hands on therapy the therapist uses a series of gentle light pressure moves/rolls on the body and allows suitable breaks to let the body process this. . Our bodies naturally register many kinds of touch and there is no proof whatsoever that our bodies need manipulation or extreme pressure to recover from pain or illness-in fact quite the opposite. Bowen allows the body to reset, heal itself, and rebalance, in its own time.

How Does This Happen?

Research shows that from the very first Bowen moves (rolls), the body and mind relax almost into sleep. This depth of relaxation allows the body to respond to the brain’s command to search for imbalances in the system and make the necessary adjustments to correct and heal the body. The moves also relieve pain, release energy, reduce tension, increase blood supply, and improve lymphatic drainage, release toxins, and so much more. It is because of these reactions in the body that Bowen therapy is such a versatile tool.


How Do I Book?

To book your Bowen session, please visit Aberdeen Bowen Therapy (opens in new window) or go directly to their  online booking system here:

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