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Getting to the Urban Wellness Hub is easy, especially as the new Diamond Bridge over the river Don gets you from the city centre in less than 15 minutes.

There is stacks of FREE parking on Balgownie Drive and disabled access (to the door) for those that require it.

The number 8 bus stops just over the Diamond bridge on Gordon Mills Road, and you will see a new pathway heading up to Balgownie Drive.

The number 1 bus stops at the Campus 2 & 3 stop. Follow the right hand pavement taking you downhill, past the trees and continue on the right hand pavement as it sweeps right onto Balgownie Drive.

Driving....Once you hit Balgownie Drive, continue half way along until you see a small row of terraced council bungalows on your right. Urban Wellness Hub is the last building after the terraced houses. Note: the houses and Urban Wellness Hub is up off the public road, also it has a high fence surrounding the property. Park on Balgownie Drive and walk up from either end of the slip road to the Hub. There is a sign on the lampost directly opposite the property.

You will see a Bus Terminus on your left and if you have went past it, then you've went too far.

Download detailed travel directions below.

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