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FREE ONLINE Guided Meditation (With Emma) As Part of Mental Health Week & World Meditation Day ❤️

It's World Meditation Day......and also the end of Mental Health what better way to spend some time on a Sunday than Sunday 'down time'

Please come and join us for a free

guided meditation (one in the morning led by my awesome sis Fiona)

And one by me (Emma :0)

Please come along and try them both, as we both have different styles, and no previous mediation experience is required. (And you don't need to be into yoga or sit crossed legged!)

We also aren't going to tell you to close your eyes and think of nothing ;0)

Both sessions are guided, so all you need to bring is yourself > log onto Urban Wellness Hub Facebook Page and then click in to the event.

Sitting or lying down is good for your relaxation.......and make sure you are warm enough, comfortable and in a space that gives you a little quiet time

See you soon. Live link: HERE

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