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New Ear Care Clinic opens in Aberdeen in response to NHS cut-backs

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

New Ear Care Clinic in Aberdeen

A new Ear Care Clinic has opened at the Urban Wellness Hub in Aberdeen, in response to the Government stopping important ear wax removal as a core service, normally delivered by GP surgeries and medical centres in the UK.

Leading the new clinic is Morag Ross, an experienced NHS nurse and Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) who works at a local GP Practice in the Bridge of Don.

Morag said “Due to recent changes within the NHS, ear wax removal is no longer undertaken as a standard treatment, by hospitals nor local GP practices.”

Morag added “sadly patients now have to find specialists to carry out and pay for the service, which used to be free on the NHS. We decided to open the clinic to provide two things to patients, firstly, getting ear syringing done by experienced NHS nurses, so it is undertaken professionally and safely. And secondly, we don’t believe it’s right charging an arm and a leg as many high-street chains have done to cash in on the NHS gap, we have set our prices at an affordable level.”

The most recognisable symptoms of excessive ear wax are partial or total hearing loss, itching, fullness, ringing and occasionally pain.

Ear wax should only ever be removed by a fully-trained professional. The ear is an incredibly sensitive organ, so attempting to remove it yourself is not recommended. All of our NHS nurses are experienced in ear wax removal. A full ear assessment will be done by the nurse prior to removing any wax that may be obstructing your ear canal.

The Urban Wellness Ear Care Clinic at Urban Wellness Hub is initially being staffed by trained NHS nurses, Morag Ross and Sally Adams. So you are in very, very safe and experienced hands.

The nurses will also look at any holistic treatments that may help the patient, such as HOPI Ear Candling. But a full assessment will be undertaken prior to any type of treatment taking place.

Details of the Urban Wellness Ear Care Clinic can be found on the Hub website: or call 07488 385 013 for more information.

The Urban Wellness Hub is a wellness and wellbeing centre in the Bridge of Don, with loads of free on street parking and easy access from the town centre since the new Diamond bridge opened. It’s also home to Urban Wellness Float, Scotland’s only Float Therapy room.


Morag Middleton
Morag Middleton
Sep 07, 2022

I had to ask for bollards to be removed which was not a problem. Morag opened the door and welcomed me in. We had a chat and she took a history from me. My ears were examined and wax was removed from the affected ear. I can now hear again thank goodness. Very professional. Thank you. 🎖️


Just had my ears cleared at the Wellness Hub and can recommend them for a pain free professional service. I can now hear again.

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