Emma is a massive advocate of all things related to wellness, but also believes in everyone finding their “balance” in different ways.

Getting into the therapy and holistic side of things became really important after picking up a number of injuries herself during her sports and living a high-paced lifestyle.

Looking into the root cause of why someone is having an issue is what makes Emma tick, she continuously takes on professional development in all areas (personally and professionally) and after training in therapy based modalities she went on to train in yoga and yoga sports science to further understand functional movement in the body.

Having a sporting background herself (at an elite level) Emma enjoys work-ing with athletes (at all levels), and also is into emotional wellness in a big way…….so one minute you will find her running a high energy hot yoga class, and the next chilling out a class with essential oils, slow fascia re-lease movement …..and we wouldn’t have her any other way :0)

Contact Details

email: info@aberdeenbowen.co.uk Mobile: Emma 07817 473222 Mobile: Linda: 07980 610729 Website: www.aberdeenbowen.co.uk Facebook @aberdeenbowen

Qualifications and Expertise

2001 BA (Hons) Public Policy & Management – RGU, Aberdeen 2013 BTAA Bowen Therapist – Bowtech UK 2013 Anatomy & Physiology Diploma – Level 3 – Stonebridge College 2014 200Hr+ Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training – HPY London

Training and Accreditations

(2017 ) Accelerator Business Programme (Cohort 5) – Elevator, Aberdeen (2015 – Present )Trainee Yoga Sports Science Coach (200Hr, 300Hr completed) (500Hr ongoing) (2014 – Present ) Numerous CPD Yoga teacher days/weekend courses and self-development. Training with world-class coaches; Noah Maze, Sadie Nardini, Taylor Harkness, Ana Forrest (2014-Present) HPY Mentorship Programme (2016) Myo Facial Release Training Level 1 & 2 — MFR UK (2015) Minime Children Yoga Certified Workshop – Minime UK (2016) Raindrop Technique (Essential Oils & Massage) (2016) Releasing Conscousness Bars – Access Level Certified

Additional Bowen Therapy Courses

Sports Bowen 1 – ECBS Course (2017) & Bowtech Course (2016) TMJ – Foundation and Advanced Specialised Bowen Procedures 1 and 2 (use of Advanced Practitioner beside our name) Hormonal Balance First Aid (Incl Defibulator training) (2013) CrossFit Coach – Level 1 (2013) CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer Course Qualified Children’s Rugby Coach – Level 1 Touch Rugby Coach – Level 1 I.T. Touch Rugby Referee – Level 2 (2015) Kinesiology Taping Course FMT1 – RockTape UK Angel Healing – Level 1 Jog Scotland Coach – Jog Scotland