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Jayne Addie

Jayne seems to volunteer for everything.

Can be seen in the freezing cold North Sea during winter, down at Aberdeen beach where she is doing wild (read crazy) swimming for charities and fund raising.


Jayne is our resident ACCESS BARS go to person.

Fully qualified

  • Contact Details
    email: Mobile: Emma 07817 473222 Mobile: Linda: 07980 610729 Website: Facebook: @aberdeenbowen
  • Qualifications and Expertise
    EMMETT Technique Bowen Therapy diploma to advanced module 11 Sports Bowen certified Art of Bowen course with Alistair Macloughlin Hormonal Bowen certified with Ron Phelan Bowen TMJ workshops and diploma with Ron Phelan Bowen Symmetry workshop Graham Pennington Reflexology diploma 2010 to ABC level 3 , with TCM Metamorphic Technique Reflexology Master Class – Digestion (Jacq Munro) Reflexology Master Class – Lymphatic (Jacq Munro) RGN – nursing 1975-2016 Clinical Aromatherapy diploma 1989 Indian Head massage 2011 Sekhem energy to advanced level certification Angel therapy level 1 and 2 Crystal therapy level 1
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