Please take a few minutes to read the following statement - thank you.

The governing bodies have implemented a few changes in the way that Wellness Centres operate and we are 100% compliant and in many cases, exceed the guideline standards they set.

The main changes are:

  • New signage at the Hub, non-contact hand sanitisers and sanitising gel in all rooms. 30 minute cleaning regime between clients, air purifiers, new ventilators fitted, UV (Ultra Violet) mobile sterilising unit and two 'misting' units.

  • Use of DEW Disinfectants using Electrolysed Water throughout the Hub.

  • Guidelines state reduced client contact time - so treatment visits can't exceed ONE HOUR in total from entry to departure.

  • Inside waiting areas removed and we have built a new Pergola at the front door in case you do arrive early and its dreecht.

  • Urban Wellness Float also has new timings and a new regime which helps us manage multiple people in the Hub at any one time. Clients will not meet other clients whilst visiting us.

  • For more about Urban Wellness Float click HERE

Why did we formalise our arrangement to become a DEW Stockist?

  • We carried out extensive research to find the right cleaning (sanitising & disinfecting) products for the Float Room the Therapy Rooms and the Studio.

  • Although the Float Room is probably the most sterile space we know of, we still needed a product to ensure sanitisation of all the touch-points inside the room without have an impact on water quality.

  • We were looking at Misting units and Fogging machines.

  • It couldn't have harsh chemicals and couldn't be toxic or bleach.

  • It had to be animal friendly and safe for children and adults

  • Ideally a product that we could use to refill our sprays

  • No residue and no terrible smells

DEW ticked all our boxes and we have been using DEW during 2020 with amazing results.

We have been recommending DEW to family, friends, Therapists and Practitioner as well as introducing it into the UK Float Centre Collective group we are members of.

It really was a no brainer as far as we were concerned.

To avoid confusion, we couldn't get our Urban Wellness Hub shop up and running, so we are using our EARTHSTORE shop to process orders.

Click HERE to go to the DEW Product shop

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Technical Information about Electrolysed Water



Has anyone experienced setting up a shop in the new Facebook Business Suite?

If so, please get in touch with us

What's new?

We launched the new EARTHSTORE online shop at the start of July and products which could be bought from Urban Wellness Hub and Urban Wellness Float can now be bought in the EARTHSTORE online shop.


Wellbeing, wellness, positive life-style, relaxation, health are only a few of the words which describes the environment created at The Hub

Clients can find a range of different therapies or treatments available from professional practitioners.  Also, the Hub hosts personal development courses, classes and workshops every week.

The Hub offers Practitioners, Therapists, Teachers and others, a working home.

Private Yoga classes for sports groups or individuals are available

Studio available for corporate wellness days and offsite events.


You will be made most welcome when you join Emma for her Beginners or Advanced class. Hot Yoga is different and the benefits realised quickly on both mind and body. - FOR NOW YOGA CLASSES ARE ONLINE - Please Contact For Details


We are now open, but due to government guidelines, visiting the Hub is by appointment only.



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